7 Helpful tips for your next Disney Cruise.

I’m planning my first Disney cruise this October/November time frame.  I know, I know – you’re shocked I’m a Disney travel agent and I haven’t been on a Disney Cruise.  I’m shocked, too!  What’s wrong with me??

The truth is I love Disney World so much, that when vacation time comes around, I can’t tear myself away.  The one time I did go to Disneyland, I had already been to Disney World that year.  My husband calls me spoiled.  I say I’m deprived.  I only get to go to Disney World once a year – how do I survive the other 51 weeks?

But I digress.

Anyway, being a Disney travel agent, I know a lot about Disney cruises even if I’ve not personally cruised myself.  I keep them around, for my upcoming trip, and for my clients.


What you should know for your next Disney Cruise:

1.     Make sure to bring a watch with you.  I personally use my cell phone to find the time, but once you leave the port, your cell phone’s time won’t be correct anymore.

2.     Since there are only a few outlets in each stateroom, if you think you might need more, pack a power strip to use in your room for all your electronics and whatnot.

3.     A tip on tips – you can pre-pay all your tips in advance (a list of what pre-pay tips looks like: http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/faqs/onboard-services/gratuities/) and not worry about tipping on the cruise.

4.     You don’t need much cash – most everything on board the ship is included and what isn’t included is charged to your room.  In many instances cash won’t be accepted as a form of payment.

5.     Be aware that on the day you board your ship, there will be safety drill, which is mandatory for everyone.  It’s quick and painless, but don’t skip it!  Safety first 🙂

6.     On the morning of your arrival back into port, be aware disembarking will be early!  Typically the earliest time passengers exit the Disney Cruise line ships is around 7:30am and the latest passengers coming of the ships is around 9:45am.

7.     Pack swimsuits in the bag you carry onto the ship. If you board as soon as they let you, typically noon, you will have several hours before you see your bags and you will want to use the pools. This is about as uncrowded as the pools get, and your kids will beg to have their swimsuits and jump in immediately!




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