Some additional thoughts on Fall Free Dining 2013


***UPDATE – new rumor here.***

Still no official word yet on when (or if) Disney will release a free dining promotion for 2013.

Many people think free dining is dead and won’t resurface in 2013.  This idea mostly comes from the newly opened Fantasyland which has given Disney cause to raise prices and reduce discounts AND Disney has become, over the past 2 years, more exclusive on the dates they offer free dining.

I still think Disney will release the free dining for, at the very least, parts of Sept & Oct.  But I think 2013 will be the last year we see free dining for awhile, due to the new, upcoming attractions Disney has scheduled for 2013 & 2014.

Where does this leave YOU – the guest?

If you are waiting for Disney to release that free dining discount before booking a fall vacation, don’t wait because you may be too late!  I’m already seeing popular resorts and room categories booked solid through the end of the year – even during non-holiday times. Go ahead and book your preferred resort package, and let me take care of watching for discount releases. As soon as a free dining discount becomes available, I’ll call in and get you rebooked under the discount code – you’ll just get an email telling you how much money you’ve saved!

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