Little Mermaid Bedroom Remodel


39072692_959773305296_3760802277820989440_nNormally, I post about Disney vacation deals & discounts, being a travel agent and all, but the next two posts will be about my kids’ bedrooms!  We decided to remodel them this past month; my oldest daughter chose a Star Wars themed room and my youngest chose a Little Mermaid themed room.

This post will be about the Little Mermaid room.  We’re still adding the finishing touches to my oldest’s Star Wars room, so I’ll post about her room in the next couple of weeks.

Our kids have been raised Disney kids, as you might expect, so it comes as no surprise that my princess girly-girl wanted a Little Mermaid themed room.  We scoured Pinterest for ideas and I spend a LOT of time shopping for each individual component, both online & in stores.

Let’s start with the BEFORE pictures.


The room before we started was our old nursery/room that held anything that I didn’t have a spot for.  It was becoming a sort of “catch-all” room.


The floors are nice wood flooring, which we kept, the walls were white, and the curtains were something that were there when we moved in *cough* 3 years ago *cough*.


You can see how it was just kinda piling up in here.

We had both girls in 1 bedroom, sharing an bunk bed, but we decided to split them up and cater to each of their very unique & different interests.  We let my oldest choose which room she wanted and she wanted to keep her room, so my youngest would be moved to this room – the old nursery, but soon-to-be Little Mermaid room.

We knew we wanted a reading nook, with a chair, for both kids.  And both kids would have a bed, of course.  But for Olivia, we had to have a dress up corner.  She dresses up on an almost daily basis and we didn’t have a good storage area for her dresses.

You guys.  I’m so excited to share the AFTER pictures.  They make my heart SO happy.  #cheezybuttrue


For the walls, I chose an aqua blue color.  Olivia, my youngest, declared she was “under the sea, mom!”.  Exactly what I was going for.  I also hunted far and wide for this rug.  It needed to be large enough (8×10) and I wanted it to encompass many colors, so to bring the room together.  I found that rug at Joss & Main and am in love with it.  It’s perfect.

The dresser in the above picture was something we kept over from the nursery.  We toyed around with the idea of refinishing it white, to match her bed frame, but decided to keep it natural in the end.


I love the floor lamp we put in the room!  It’s from Target, but matches her vintage bed frame perfectly and seems to fit so well.  The round pillow on her chair is also from Target and it’s so soft and flexible, I was in love.


I love this reading nook!


My husband built this book bin storage unit for me when I found one online for way too much money.  It cost us about $50 in materials to make.

The picture collage is fun – Olivia picked out the Disney’s Little Mermaid pictures.  She loves Ariel.  But my favorite touch is adding a picture of her & her sister in Disney World, meeting Ariel.


For the bed frame, I spray painted an old Jenny Lind bed white.  My husband reinforced the frame by putting down a piece of plywood before we put the mattress in.


She wanted a canopy, so we hung one up.  Such a fun touch!


The pillows & quilt came from TJ Maxx and the sign from Hobby Lobby.


I wanted some toy storage for her room, so I found a great piece that looks just like the one you can get from Crate & Barrel but not nearly as pricey.  We found this at our local Home Goods for $50.


Notice the “dinglehopper” 😉

A few other close ups – the chair (also from Home Goods) has a clam shell back and is perfect!  I wanted one with arms for a more cosy set up.


And the fun little sign on top of her dresser.


But ah!  I saved the BEST for last.  The dress up corner.


I love, love this part of the room.  The copper rod is perfect, the full length mirror is necessary for a princess to see how her dress looks, and the ease of access is exactly what she needed for her many, many dresses.


We took some old swinging doors from our downstairs area and I used a paint sprayer on them.  I think it’s such a great way to add dimension and color to the corner.


She truly does, literally, leave a little sparkle wherever she goes.


This was such a fun project!  The room fits Olivia like a glove & brightens the upstairs for us all!  And our little ballerina LOVES it.



Besides being a stay at home mom to 2 girls and remodeling rooms, I am also a travel agent!  I work from home as a travel agent, specialize in Disney vacations, and LOVE it – I’ve been doing this for 6 years now and can’t imagine being more passionate about another job.  I love all things Disney and can book any Disney destination.  My services are 100% free to you; Disney pays my commission, so I can help plan & book trips without any additional cost to my clients, which is so great.

Thinking about a trip to Disney World?  I’d love to help!  If you have questions or want to chat more about this, you can email me anytime!


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